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If you are looking for Harry's Home Village tour merch and are outside of UK please go here
If you are looking for Harry's Home Village tour merch and are outside of UK please go here


Here we are again!

Hi All, wow it seems like a really long time since I last wrote a post. So Happy Christmas and a happy New Year to all!

It’s hard to know where to begin when trying to summarise our first full year since renovation! What a rollercoaster it’s been. Lockdown certainly changed the way in which we had to operate but we did just that and I’d like to think we did a brilliant job. We were really very lucky throughout 2020- we’ve missed our friends families and customers very much but at the same time we are safe and well and the year was a good one business wise too.

Like everyone, for a few moments when the clock struck midnight and it became 2021 we allowed ourselves to feel like this year would get off to a much better start. Then due to rising cases and mutant strains we’ve ended up back in lockdown and homeschool is reopen for business! There are so many positives already this year with people being vaccinated and new medicines being released.

This year for Dales? We are raring to go and looking to build on our success of the last year. We are adding home baking to our list of departments and expanding our electronics department  too. Ladies clothing is here to stay and a new children’s clothing collection will be joining us this year. Games and toys have not only proven to be a success, but have been so much fun for us, especially the retro ones! Everyone has commented and shared their stories with us so you can expect to see more of that this year too!
The runaway success of the year if course, Frenchic furniture paint ❤️ We couldn’t be prouder of our team coping with such a huge volume of sales across lockdown and continuing on to this day. The support offered to us by Frenchic has been amazing and we love being part of the team.


lots of surprises to come, lots of website work to follow ( but first! Homeschool for now)


lots of love,




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