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If you are looking for Harry's Home Village tour merch and are outside of UK please go here


The Frenchic revolution continues!

The Frenchic revolution continues!

Well.. in spite of all that is going on, if you look closely you will see lots of things that lift the spirits and restore a once dwindling faith in human nature. There are lots of people out there helping each other. The NHS and emergency services heroes, the mighty carers army, retail workers and essential workers everywhere. All putting the needs of others ahead of their own. Those who are at home too, are doing an excellent job. Despite how it seems, it isn’t easy (trust me I’m at home!) to entertain the troops 24/7 but I’m willing to bet that it’s as easy as it possibly can be. 

Staying at home for long periods of time, isn’t actually that hard for me. I’m a home body and my hobbies are things like painting furniture, baking and watching tv! So actually the thing I’m not used to is the company! Just
like 000’s of others across the UK and no doubt the world, I’ve found myself with the time I’ve been wishing to have to sort my house out! All the jobs I “would do” if only I had the time. Well... here we are!

As a result of these home improvements, my beloved Frenchic furniture paint has seen sales fly through the roof. New customers online and locally, people we’ve never met before - chatting to us on the phone or online about their painting. It’s amazing how much better the quality of these conversations has been whilst I’m not rushing around. Honestly more time to take more interest in hearing what others have to say.

We have been delivering (contactless), posting out and some people have been collecting (we are an essential workplace so remain open to the public for collections).

I really think we have made some new friends for life. I bet lots of people have, within their communities and beyond. I think because in the worst of times, we get to see the best in people.

Frenchic paint may not seem very important to some, but it helps me to be calm, both whilst talking to customers and painting! Many key workers in the Frenchic Fan Forum have expressed how they like to paint after a shift or on a day off as they too find it relaxing. 

I would love to hear your positive stories about seeing the good in people , if you’d like to share please comment.

Keep Safe,


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Joan - May 12, 2020

Hi will you post paint to Liverpool

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