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Really enjoying all of the craft classes and workshops

We are having such a lovely time working with so many talented Holmes Chapel people who are passing on their skills through workshops and classes!

Lynette's Crochet continues to be popular, with children's lessons being added now too. Sewing classes are being trialled for children and adults classes will join shortly. Lynette's skill in crochet is amazing and we feel so lucky to have her.

The announcement for Felting workshops with Vicki was a huge success, with one class selling out almost instantly and very few spaces left on the other. Second workshops have been added.

This month sees our journal making class with Andrea being added, which is suitable for all and looks like it will be lots of fun. Andrea has been teaching for a long time, and is so skilled I can not wait to learn.

Quilting classes are booked back in and ready to go, the skills learnt in these classes are perfect for starting your quilting journey. Naomi is a fab fun teacher and her classes are always a lot of fun.

Frenchic paint & Decoupage Slate coaster classes have started, and lots of dates are available throughout the month - we had a day drop in session which was lovely to be a part of. I've been running these classes myself and have really enjoyed watching everyone make their creations.

If you know anyone who has an amazing talent for craft and would like to run classes with us, please let me know!







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