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Mini Pony Socks - Age 6-99
Mini Pony Socks - Age 6-99

Mini Pony Socks - Age 6-99

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Come with me and we’ll fly over the rainbow, past the clouds, into the stars and dance with these gorgeous flying mini ponies! MADMIA Mini Pony Socks are an instant favourite (pink wings and lots of love included)

Kids & Adults Socks

Our most popular size. These socks are 'one size fits most' and are suitable for ages 6 - 99.

They can fit adults but we recommend up to shoe size EU 41 equivalent to women's size 8/9 AU. Please note, they do have limited stretch around larger or muscular calves. Socks with less busy patterns such as (Mermaid Socks, Liquorice Bows Socks, Bows to Toes Socks) have better stretch and we highly recommend these patterns for adults to avoid stretch issues.

Toddler Socks

Most suitable size for children aged 3 - 5. If your little one is about to turn 6 soon we would recommend buying our standard 'Kids & Adults' size (for ages 6 - 99).

Baby Socks

Most suitable size for babies aged 6 months - 2 years.

Washing & Care Instruction

Socks - Cold hand wash only with extra care with wings and other accessories.

Shoes - Gently clean with a damp cloth only. Please do not pull up the tongue by holding on the unicorn patch as it may get damaged. MADMIA is not be liable for any damages caused by not following this instructions.

Shoes Sizes

We highly recommend measuring your foot length and comparing with our size chart (length in cm).

To measure your feet:

1. Stand straight on a piece of paper in bare feet

2. Trace around the heel and toes, as close to your feet as possible.

3. Measure the length in a straight line from end of big toe to back of the heel.

4. Add 1 cm for growth and compare with our size chart for desired shoe design.