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Dunlop Purafort Professional D460933

Dunlop Purafort Professional D460933

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Thermo+ Wellington from the Purofort® range of Dunlop’s Safety Footwear. Resistant against low temperatures with heat retaining sole and insulation, keeping workers safe from cold exposure. Lightweight and durable with steel toe cap protection offering best safety practice. Waterproof with antistatic technology and energy absorbing heel, keeping workers safe from open circuits.


  • ISO20345 tested. - Conforms to ISO20345 Safety Footwear Standard
  • S5 Full Safety
  • Waterproof Polymer Upper plus Antistatic and Energy Absorbing Heel
  • Insulation against cold
  • Temperature resistant - Resistant to temperatures down to –40°c. Essential for cold storage operations
  • Resistance - Resistant to minerals, animal and vegetable oils and fats, blood, manure, disinfectants and various chemicals and solvents
  • Flexible Upper - For ease of movement